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About Us

Sage GlobalHR delivers end-to-end people solutions for helping emerging businesses and large organisations in their scale up journey.

With a team that has a cumulative experience of 100+ years in both multinationals and Indian organizations and a client base of more than 100 companies, Sage GlobalHR is your best bet for a long-term strategic partnership. Our partner and consultants have worked across HR Operations, Organization Development, Talent Management and Engagement.

Sage GlobalHR has now expanded its network beyond the Indian shores with partnerships in key markets such as Singapore, Mauritius and Australia. In the recent past, we have serviced clients in India, Middle East and Africa.

Our key differentiators are:

  • A team of HR experts with cumulative experience of 100+ years who will work with you every step of the way
  • A bouquet of world-class technology tools and frameworks that can easily be adapted to customers needs
  • Five global partnerships that bring you the very best of technology tools and frameworks
  • Best in Class Assessment processes and Facilitation/Coaching capabilities required for succession planning and leadership development
  • Created India's first employee driven feedback system - iGrow 360°


Consulting for Large Organizations


(Critical Leadership and Middle level Talent)
Organizational culture and business success is defined by its leaders. With increasing dynamics in the business environment, the need to find the right leaders has become even more intense. We continue to partner with our client organisations in this space- with the ultimate aim of contributing to business success through creation of strong leadership teams.


(Values, Behaviours, Roles)
Lack of Engagement and Siloed functioning has been one of the major impediments in optimising business performance in the recent past. Breaking the existing barriers to move collectively from one performance level to another requires significant alignment at two levels - internal and external. Through our experience in the coaching and behavioural interventions as well as tools/frameworks like Barrett Values, Chittasangha Leadership Consciousness Model and Coaching for Transformation, we have played a strong role in driving change through alignment initiatives.


(Assessment Centres and Talent Review Dialogues, iGrow 360° Feedback and Development Tool and PDA - Psychometric Assessment Tool)
Getting the right talent and managing it needs to viewed through multiple lens in the current organisa-tional context - functional, behavioural, values and culture. We provide insights into each of these ele-ments to facilitate individual development and succession planning in organisations. Our tools/interventions provide leaders insights into their intrinsic behavioural patterns, how they are being perceived by their eco system, what should be their developmental agenda and how are they progressing in their development journey.


(Leadership Coaching, M&As, Cultural Transformation, Gender Balance and Engagement, Talent Analytics)
Change is the only constant in today's business environment. Change is manifesting itself in various forms in organizations today - inorganic growth, need for collaboration, speed and agility, need for diversity and inclusion and need for data driven decision making. With our experience and strategic partnerships, we aim to help our clients in driving and managing change in a holistic, cohesive manner.

"It’s impossible for a company to get what it wants most if managers have to make a choice between their own values and company priorities" ― Stan Slap

Consulting for Emerging Organizations


(Critical Talent Sourcing)
It is a widely accepted fact that the success of a young organisation heavily depends on the strength of its co-founders/leadership team. We work closely with emerging organisations and help them strengthen their leadership teams - helping them recruit and onboard leaders with the right passion, values and experience.


(Goal Setting, 100% Compliance, Employee Life Cycle Management)
After having worked with multiple emerging organizations, we realize the importance of continuously evolving people strategy to keep pace with business. We also understand the focus required on compliance, along with the need for a multi pronged approach towards people management to drive productivity and engagement. With our end to end employee lifecycle management capabilities, we have the ability to address majority of the people related needs of emerging organizations.


(Implementation Support)
Like our clients, we understand implementation is the key to achieve desired results. Our team of experienced consultants provide on site support in order to implement key people initiatives. Along with that, we strive to build internal capabilities within our client organisations to ensure sustainability of initiatives.

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected" ― Steve Jobs



An assessment tool that gives an easy to implement platform for enabling a culture of regular feedback that in turn facilitates the employee development process. The employees can design and initiate feedback surveys at frequent intervals or even do an organisation wide survey. iGrow 360° development tool gives you an easy to implement platform for enabling a culture of regular feedback to facilitate the employee development process. This unique tool can be used to empower employees to design and initiate feedback surveys relevant for them at frequent intervals OR to initiate organization wide surveys.

Click here to see Unique Features:


It is a cost-effective behavioural assessment tool based on DISC theory. Used by leading organisations such as Unilever, Nestle, Accenture and 3M, it is used to gain insights into behavioural profile of individuals and their skills while identifying their strengths and development areas. PDA is used in several HR practices, such as Selection, Staffing, Training and Development, and Retention. The report focuses on describing the person’s profile in relation to the workplace: communications style, leadership style, how they generate new contacts, build relationships and negotiate, how they close sales, follow up with clients, etc.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" ― John F. Kennedy

Gender Balance

"I am firmly convinced that gender balance is more than a moral imperative or a "women's issue." Gender balance is at the core of what we stand for at Sodexo, where each of our 420,000 employees must have access to the same opportunities and be able to develop his or her career. By tapping into the full potential of men and women, Sodexo is stronger, more innovative, and better at serving its 75 million consumers worldwide". Michel Landel, CEO, Sodexo

The above excerpt explains the key outcome we are trying to achieve through our interventions aimed at creating gender balanced teams and stronger women leaders.

Key offerings:

Women Lead: Female representation is likely to reach only 40% globally in professional and managerial positions by 2025 (as per 2015 Mercer Study). This is indicative of the need for a shift which is required in modern day workplaces - not only in terms of policies, but addressing subtle biases, which prevent a level playing field for women leaders. 'Women Lead' is a collaborative effort between Sage and Larks Learning to provide a platform where these unconscious biases could be understood better, discussed and dealt with in order to create true gender balance within organizations. This concept is built on in our Gender Sensitization programs

Winsight: A breakthrough process that helps Indian women in their work-life integration, career management and performance enhancement. This proven behavioral intervention process helps to empower the women to manage both life and work successfully

Prevention of Sexual Harassment Trainings: With safety at workplace becoming a critical compliance aspect, we bring you a comprehensive suite of offerings in the area of POSH, designed and implemented by HR and Legal experts.

NIDHI MATHUR: Partner, Integrity Law Offices and our POSH Expert

Nidhi is on the board of several companies as an external member of ICC and frequently advises clients / individuals on the matters relating to sexual harassment. Her role also includes acting as a facilitator among all parties involved in sexual harassment incidence as and when it occurs. She has been a member of a Judicial Committees appointed by one of the biggest international NGOs for internal enquiry of a sexual harassment cases in India. Nidhi has conducted multiple harassment prevention training sessions and workshops for managers, senior managers, CEO, HR heads, Legal heads of various Indian/ multinational companies. Almost 50 organisations have already benefited from her expertise in this area.

"Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing" ― Warren Bennis

Consulting - Frameworks and Tools

Talent Review Dialogues

Talent Review Dialogues provide a robust, rigorous, inclusive process that helps a company in succession planning. These are facilitated discussions among key people (leader, skip level leader, cross functional leader) about an individual's performance and potential on key organizational competencies.

The Barrett Values Centre

BVC provides powerful metrics that enable leaders to measure and manage the culture of their organizations, and formalize the development needs of their managers and leaders, to make them effective culture creators.

Action Learning

The WIAL Action Learning process is an exceptional problem- solving tool that has the amazing capacity to simultaneously build successful leaders, teams and organisations. It involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and deliberately learning as they go. It positions inquiry and questions at the heart of organisation culture.

The Chittasangha Leadership Model

The CS Leadership model utilizes the consciousness-centered approach for inner and outer alignment by providing a range of tools and practices to support the evolutionary journey of developing tomorrow's leaders.

Coaching for Transformation

The CFT coaching process seeks to maximise individual potential by facilitating learning and growth. It fosters the holistic growth of the individual by facilitating the discovery and reconnection with one's own wisdom and resourcefulness in order to find meaningful answers to the most pressing questions.

"People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision" ― John C. Maxwell

Senior Team



Alpha Elite Consulting

A boutique consulting outfit set up in February 2008, Alpha Elite Consulting provides a wide range of HR consulting services and caters to ASEAN and South Asian markets.

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The Edge Consulting

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Systems Lifecycle

Established in 2001, the company offers a wide range of innovative IT services and solutions in the domain of corporate governance, risk and compliance management. They help companies to identify, monitor and manage compliance risks to improve GRC effectiveness and help manage costs.

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Juxt Smart Mandate helps business leaders make accurate decisions through analysis of in-house data using statistical models, machine learning algorithms, building data engines and end-to-end customer management.

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Certified IBM Referral Partner

We are a certified IBM Smarter Workforce Referral Partner. We have access to their entire gamut of tools in areas such Talent Acquisition, Assessment, Talent Management, Learning and Development, Analytics Etc


INTEGRITY LAW OFFICES Advocates, Consultants & Legal Advisers ("ILO" or "FIRM") are a full service law firm with its head-office based at New Delhi, having close associations with reputed law firms in 80 countries .

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